List of ideas being presented in the Our Balbriggan survey - Our Balbriggan

List of ideas being presented in the Our Balbriggan survey

Public realm:

  1. Quay Street and harbour rejuvenation
  2. Bremore regional park and coastal improvements
  3. Railway Street and station redevelopment
  4. Dublin Street improvements
  5. Bracken River corridor and Mill Pond Park
  6. Bremore Castle to Ardgillan Castle coastal way as part of Fingal Coastal Way

Local Economy and Enterprise:

  1. Develop quality leisure experiences based on the potential of the harbour, coastline and castles
  2. More proactive land and property management by Fingal County Council in the Town centre
  3. Develop better connectivity between the harbour, beach and Quay Street area and the main street, creating more opportunities for people to meet and linger
  4. Start-up enterprise space located in Town Centre with additional supports for entrepreneurs and existing Small and Medium sized enterprises
  5. A dedicated town team
  6. One-hour free parking
  7. A food and arts quarter for the town
  8. Encourage new enterprises to set up in the Stephenstown area leading to new jobs

Community Affairs and Integration

  1. Community spaces for arts and theatre
  2. Social spaces for young people (outside of school)
  3. More sports facilities
  4. Increased safety and policing
  5. Security of tenure (housing)
  6. Events and Initiatives designed to promote pride and greater integration in the town
  7. Grow, develop and support new and existing community leaders in the town
  8. More Community Creches and early learning supports
  9. Improved awareness and co-ordination of existing services
  10. Increased services to support families

Employment, Education and Training

  1. Improved transport links to employment, education and training opportunities
  2. A dedicated space in the Town Centre to support social enterprise and employment opportunities
  3. A 3rd Level college and/or Post Leaving Certificate provision
  4. Apprenticeships and Traineeships with local employers
  5. A digital hub working space
  6. Upskilling training to match the needs of local employers
  7. More adult learning and training courses
  8. Free English classes
  9. Upskilling opportunities for mature citizens