1 RNLI Boathouse and Railway Viaduct Lighting

Funding Ringfenced URDF/FCC: Circa €0.65m- €0.75m

RNLI Substantially completed end 2025

Up lighting of viaducts COMPLETED 2022.

Nestled under Balbriggan’s iconic viaduct, the newly refurbished and restored RNLI boathouse will be a focal point and attraction for this re-imagined area.  Up lighting of the viaducts and improved seating will compliment uplift.

Update: The refurbishment of the RNLI Boathouse forms part of the transformation and redevelopment of Quay Street & Harbour and will be substantially completed by December 2025.  It is envisaged that the Boathouse will accommodate a café / retail space with a request for an operator in 2025.


Transformation of Quay Street, Harbour & Its Environs

Funding Ringfenced URDF/FCC: Circa €15m – €16m

Substantially Completed end 2025

The transformational project is aimed at creating a high quality public amenity and premier visitor destination to revitalise Ireland’s youngest town.

It will also create a unique, sustainable public open space.

The 19,300 square metre site will include a multi-purpose plaza area and linear park designed to host markets, events and festivals.


Update: Fingal County Council has exchanged contracts with contractor John Craddock Ltd and work has commenced on the €15million undertaking, the largest element of the €50million 2019-2030 Our Balbriggan Rejuvenation Programme.

It aims to create a more attractive, connected place where people want to live, work, visit and do business. 

Works to upgrade the Town Centre Car Park will take place during this period. Upon completion in September 2024, 67 spaces will be available, including three universally accessible spaces. There will be 10 on-street car park spaces on Quay Street and four on-street spaces at Mill Street.. 


Harbour Minor Works Improvements

Funding Ringfenced Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine/ FCC: Circa €0.55m – 0.66M


Works Package included seating, surfaces, lighting, storage, access, planting, signage, removal and upgrade in general amenities which will support fishing vessels, leisure boats and improve the general public amenity of the piers to make them more attractive to walkers and visitors.

Update: The main Harbour upgrade works and shoreside services are complete, with some lighting improvements awaiting final completion.

Redevelop the Heart of Main Street  – Green Corridorain Street – Green Corridor


Substantial commencement 2026

Significant enabling works including excavation of materials are complete.

The first phase of transformation will involve the removal of structures to reveal the Bracken River, opening up green land and park space to the rear to create a new green corridor up to the edge of Bridge Street. This new family friendly, quality environment along with the development of new spaces will bring vibrancy, social and economic opportunities to the heart of Balbriggan on the current footprint of 6a to 14 Bridge Street.

Update: Demolition works have been completed at 14 Bridge Street and a temporary pocket park has been installed.  The front facade of the buildings facing Bridge Street are to be kept maintaining the street line.  The buildings on Bridge Street are within an Architectural Conservation Area.  An Integrated Design Team was appointed in April 2024 and has begun work on the preparation of options in consultation with local stakeholders. The upgrade of Millpond Park and connection to the park to Bridge Street, to form a green corridor, will form part of this process.




2-4 Dublin Street

Funding Ringfenced URDF/FCC: Circa €3.3M – €4.0M

Substantial Completion 2025/Q1 2026 

The development of artist studios with courtyard and performance space, adjoining a state-of-the-art Digital learning and maker space will strengthen the public, civic and creative heart of the town.

Update:  Paul Keogh Architects have been appointed as the Integrated Design Team (IDT) for for this Project.  Part 8 Planning Approval was granted at October 2023 Council Meeting.  The project is now at detailed design stage and is expected to go to tender in June 2024. 2-4 Dublin Street is to be transformed into a new Creative Hub with 8 workspaces at 2 Dublin Street and an ancillary connected space at 4 Dublin Street which will support STEAM education, training and enterprise activities supported by SMART Balbriggan and the Fingal Arts Office

The granting of planning permission for a €3.3m creative hub at 2-4 Dublin Street is another key milestone in the ‘Our Balbriggan’ plan. Pics: Fingal Co Co.

Millpond Park – Green Corridor

Funding Ringfenced URDF/FCC: Circa €1.6M – €1.9M

Substantial Commencement 2026

Improvement works to Footpaths & Cycle paths (as part of the NTA funded Harry Reynolds Cycle & Footpath Scheme) and additional young person’s play facilities will be completed by end 2025.

Extensive landscaping, walk and cycleways, terrace, meadows, managed wetlands including consideration of a ‘new’ pond. The green corridor at the ‘heart’ of the town will extend from Stephenstown, following the River Bracken, through Millpond Park, creating a new street edge and park entrance on Bridge Street, flowing down to a transformed Quay Street, Viaducts and reimagined Harbour

Update: Following the acquisition and demolition of 14 Bridge Street, a temporary pocket park has been installed.  This project will likely form part of the development of the 6-14 Bridge Street (Green Corridor).

7 Bremore Regional Park

Funding:  Fingal County Council- Capital Programme (2022-2024) est €4.4m

The Bremore Regional Park Development Project, including The Balbriggan Sports and Recreational Hub, Central Zone Open Spaces, new Martello Park amenity, all ancillary infrastructure and Park Boundaries.

Update: Works have begun on the construction of the new full size public GAA pitch facility at Bremore Regional Park. In addition to the pitch, the works include provision of vehicular and pedestrian access and boundary fencing. The Parks & Green Infrastructure Division led project represents the first phase of the Balbriggan Sports and Recreational Hub. It is anticipated the construction works will be completed by late Summer this year. Following construction, the grass on the newly formed pitch will need to establish for 12 months before use to ensure the best outcome for future users of the new facility. Detailed design and procurement of the other main park infrastructure will follow in 2022/2023 and will be linked to the capital programme.

Promenade, Coastal Improvements & Restorations

Funding Ringfenced URDF/FCC:  CIRCA €1.55 – €2.1M

Swim Shelter completion Q2 2024 

Accessibility Boardwalk Front Beach Completion End 2024 

Boat House & Bathouse completed 2025. 

A refurbished Boathouse and Bathhouse will bring heritage led revitalisation to this historic aspect of the town’s coastline. Construction of a boardwalk/pathway will assist accessibility from the beach, viaduct area and join the banks promenade. The promenade will provide a link from the Viaduct to Martello Tower and will align with Fingal Coastal Way.

Update: Enabling works on the Bathhouse and Boathouse commenced in February 2024. Works include full surveys and assessment of the site, which will form the full works design on planning proposal.   The installation of a swim shelter is being progressed (April 2024).  Project Management Consultants have been engaged to carry out a Feasibility Study of the Balbriggan Tidal Pool and Swimming Platform, phase 1 of the study  has been completed, phase 2 has commenced and will include environmental studies, site investigation and will assist in identifying potential funding options.


Railway Street, Station & Plaza

Funding Ringfenced URDF: CIRCA €4.0M – €4.3M

Completion: Estimated 2028

A reinvigorated Railway Street, Station and Plaza will ensure better connectivity and flow between beach (new ramp), station and main street. Extensive streetscape improvements, signage, greening and public realm improvements will lead to more vibrancy and footfall in this historical, central part of the town.

Update: Extensive public realm improvements will ensure better connectivity and flow between the beach, station and Main Street. This project is at concept stage with Active travel measures and pedestrian build outs being actively considered in 2024/ 2025.


10 Bremore Castle

Update to follow




11 Fingal Coastal Way

Update to follow


Update to follow



* Urban Regeneration Development Funds (URDF) – Central government funding in support of the national planning framework and national development plan 2018-2027. 25% of URDF ringfenced amounts will be match funded by Fingal County Council’s Capital Programme.