Hello, How Are You? - Our Balbriggan

Hello, How Are You?

Hello, How Are You, is a new mental health promotion campaign brought to you by Mental Health Ireland. The campaign asks individuals, communities, workplaces, friends & family to say ‘Hello’ and ask the question ‘How Are You?’ in a meaningful way! The campaign is about tackling the lack of connection or belonging that people experience. It aims to inspire people to ask how others are feeling, opening up a conversation to allow people to listen and encourage action by directing people to any local supports and services in their area.

Balbriggan is proud to be the only town in Ireland that will have our own Thrive organisation and our very own ‘Thrive Balbriggan’. On Thursday, April 7th, representatives from the Thrive Balbriggan committee will be at numerous different locations throughout Balbriggan. You’ll find Thrive Balbriggan in Flemington from 10:30am, Balbriggan Square from 1pm and Millfield Shopping Centre from 3:30pm!

During the day, there will be singing in the square at Ardgillan Community College and the mayor will be there to mark the day and say a few words. Balbriggan Gospel Choir will be singing from 3-4 in Millfield S.C. You can find the timetable here

Check out the Hello How Are You website for more information and further resources. https://hellohowareyou.info/?external=