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Water Quality at Balbriggan’s Front Strand rated Excellent

The water quality at Balbriggan’s Front Strand has been rated as Excellent once again as the summer bathing season opens.

The Bathing Season Water Quality test was conducted on Tuesday, May 24 and continues a run of five excellent ratings in a row, with nine of the last eleven tests conducted by Fingal County Council also returning an excellent result – the others were Good and Sufficient.

Balbriggan’s Front Strand is central to the town’s natural amenity, and at the heart of the planned transformations with 70% of survey respondents choosing the development of leisure and visitor experiences around the coastline, harbour, and river as the highest priority.

Visitors to the beach will notice an All Season Advisory Notice in place. This temporary notice is not related to the current status of the bathing water and is not a ban on swimming or a closure of the beach.

It relates to a ‘Poor’ result in a test that was conducted on August 25, 2020, following a storm event which occurred that month.

In the following test on September 9, 2020, the water quality was found to be ‘Excellent’ once again.

The notice will remain in place until a new assessment is conducted at the end of this bathing season by the EPA.

We would urge people to visit the information FAQ on Fingal County Council’s website for more information on bathing at Balbriggan’s Front Strand.